Hack DeFi. Compete. Get paid.

We’re creating a community-driven approach to competitive smart contract audits. Join our open organization.


Hunt exploits in the smart contracts of decentralized protocols.


Create bounty pools to attract wardens to audit your project.


Allocate bounty pools to wardens based on performance.


$80,000 USDC Sherlock contest

Decentralized exploit protection.

5 days + 02 35 28 until contest ends
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Float Capital

$50,000 USDC Float Capital contest

Synthetic assets made simple. No overcollateralization. No liquidation. Not a fork.

12 days + 02 36 28 until contest starts

$150,000 USDC, $50,000 NOTE Notional contest

Fixed rates, now in crypto.

33 days + 02 36 28 until contest starts
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