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Hack DeFi. Compete. Get paid.

We’re creating a community-driven approach to competitive smart contract audits. Join our open organization.


Hunt exploits in the smart contracts of decentralized protocols.


Create bounty pools to attract wardens to audit your project.


Allocate bounty pools to wardens based on performance.


$80,000 worth of ETH Mochi contest

Next-Gen Decentralized Digital Currency Backed By Long-Tail Cryptoassets.

0 days + 23 45 41 until contest ends
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$30,000 worth of ETH BadgerDAO ibBTC Wrapper contest

Building Products to Bring BTC to DeFi.

3 day contest

0 days + 23 46 41 until contest starts
Slingshot Finance

$35,000 worth of ETH Slingshot Finance contest

Web3 trading platform.

3 day contest

2 days + 23 46 41 until contest starts
Overlay Protocol

$50,000 worth of ETH Overlay Protocol contest

A protocol for trading #DeFi data streams.

7 day contest

14 days + 23 46 41 until contest starts
Silo Finance

$50,000 worth of ETH Silo Finance contest

Secure lending markets for all crypto assets.

7 day contest

21 days + 23 46 41 until contest starts
The crowd goes wild

This result far exceeded previous experiences I’ve had with 2–4 week-long audits by individual companies. I highly recommend the Code 423n4 competitive audit approach for anyone starting a new project.

LSDan ElasticDAO

Speaking of bold & ambitious security projects, another one is @code423n4 — "a community-driven approach to competitive smart contract audits," with sponsors like @SlingshotCrypto @maplefinance @NFTX_ & @yield.

It's a great place for aspiring auditors to compete & learn 🐞🧐🔐💰

RajΞΞv (@0xRajeev)

Great work everyone! This was a fantastic experience.

Ghoul.sol (@GhoulSol)

Overall, I have to say you guys have some very smart folks and some of the findings identified are quite good! Definitely a much better experience than the traditional audit we had gone through.


Amazing response for @code423n4 sponsorship. Great community @scott_lew_is @0xzak has built. This will change the future of the auditing industry.

Furthering deflationary $ETH on top of #eip1559 , I'll be sponsoring an additional 1000 VETH to wardens of @VaderProtocol https://t.co/99a9N0ZTAH

🔥Mervyn🔥 (@mervynchng89)

Awesome job wolf pack! 🐺 🐺 🐺

Special Thanks to @cmichelio @shw9453 @0xRajeev from @FairSideNetwork

You guys did NOT disappoint @0xzak @scott_lew_is Keep crushing it! 👏 👏 👏 https://t.co/RU2nSQCOxG

Brandon Brown 🔥 (@Brandon_FSN)

Want to give a massive shout out to all the wardens that took part in the Reality Cards contest last week- you guys found some really amazing stuff- so good that we're considering doing a second round! 🤣thanks so much guys!

AndrewReality Cards

Breadth and depth.

We got some wardens that looked at every line of the code for common mistakes. We got wardens that looked for economic attacks. We got trained auditors going by the book, and we got rookies with unbounded hunger to find bugs. I feel we got an excellent audit.

frob.eth | Alberto Cuesta Cañada (@alcueca)

And the results.

I can't give details yet, but there were two big issues that would have been fatal, about six that would have been uncomfortable, and about 30 that were just unaesthetic.

We got our money's worth. Don't go out into the wild without an audit. pic.twitter.com/DIm992DxNP

frob.eth | Alberto Cuesta Cañada (@alcueca)

C4 contests attract new, unique and complicated projects so it is a perfect learning opportunity... Here projects seriously invest in their security so it is always a motivation to try my best to find bugs in their code.

Pauliax/ThunderC4 Warden
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